Home | Kamínek Guest House

Families with children

  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Excellent meals, garden, playground
  • Trips in Třeboň and Nové Hrady region
  • Aquapark and ski slopes in proximity
  • Biking routes, swimming in sand pits


  • Company events, training
  • Pig feasts, fireworks
  • Company parties, concerts
  • Team-building and sport
  • Turnkey solutions


Wedding ceremonies

  • Large garden with pergola
  • Spatial restaurant and hall
  • External sitting area, dancing floor
  • Professionally illuminated stage
  • Excellent food and drinking…

The region of Novohradsko is an excellent choice for the holiday in South Bohemia. The accommodation in the Boarding House Kamínek near Nové Hrady will be a pleasant starting point for trips into Novohradské hory mountains as well as into the Region of Třeboňsko. You can bike in flat countryside on the biking routes in direction to Suchdol nad Lužnicí, make a swimming trip to the near sandpits or aqua-centre in Gmünd.

It is not important if you are a family with children or if you plan a holiday in two, you surely will enjoy your stay in Kamínek boarding house. We are prepared also for larger events as weddings, family celebrations, company events and parties or group stays for seniors or sportsmen.