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The South Bohemian guest house of Kamínek offering relaxation and rest to you is situated near the town of Nové Hrady. Its outstanding features are the pleasant environment and attractive offer of  wellness services. All of this guarantees you a relaxing holiday. After demanding bike-trips, our wellness service will hit the spot and will guarantee a quiet spending of your active holiday to you.

We offer you relaxing and wellness stay, you can order from us also as suitable packages. Ordering all the services is possible also individually to every week stay or weekend stay.


Finnish sauna

We will heat the sauna suitable for maximally 6 persons for you in advance. You can find the sauna in our wellness zone in the guest house garden. Cooling by shower. Choice of a wide range of aromatic oils.

External bath

External bath offers you bathing in the open in bathing barrel  with the capacity of up to 6 persons. We will warm up the barrel before bathing to the pleasant temperature (approx. 38 °C). This pleasant experience may enrich you family holiday or a romantic evening for pairs. Thanks to warm water, you can enjoy bathing in any weather, also during the party with friends. Take dressing gowns with you, especially in colder months. Possible to use for children as small pool in summer months.


You can find here a wide range of sport and relaxing massages and enjoy the cocoa powder peeling, warming peat pack, aroma massage, chocolate massage or fruit massage.

Have a look at complete offer and price-list of all our wellness massages.

Bathing barrel

Beneficial effects

You can get rid of physical as well as mental tiredness thanks to pleasant warm bath. The salutary and relaxing effects of warm bath may be multiplied during bathing in the bathing barrel in the open instead in the bathroom or another closed space.

Water healing or hydrotherapy has been used as a form of therapy since antiquity and was an indispensable part of the life style of Romans and Greeks. Next to healing water springs, spa was founded often. Water has in short extremely positive effect on human body.

Hydrotherapy is used for healing arthritis (rheumatism), muscles and joints, relaxing stress and strain, encouragement and relaxation as well as treating insomnia. Thank to upwards hydrostatic pressure in water, we experience the state of lightness, bringing the relief of overloaded joints and relaxation of muscle strain. You can feel the effects of water yourselves on your skin, during the regular stay in the bathing barrel.

Right temperature of bath 

For the relaxing effect of bath, the water must have a higher temperature than the human body, i.e. 38°-39°C. In the bathing barrel, warming like in the swimming pool is not necessary. You can only sit here calmly or leave water or air stream to massage your body. You will see that within half an hour the stress and strain will be away.

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